Trooping the Colour Ceremony

Trooping The Colour is a military parade in London that doubles as the celebration of the Queen’s birthday. It’s one of the most spectacular royal events of the year. It has been a tradition in Britain since the 17th century, although the roots go back much earlier. At that time the British regiments gave a slow march with their flags between the soldiers’ ranks to enable soldiers to recognize their regiments’ colours. Since 1748 Trooping the Colour has also marked the official birthday of the British SovereignIt takes place annually on the first Saturday in June. Among the audience are the Royal Family, invited guests and the general public. Over 1400 officers and men are on parade, together with 200 horses; over 400 musicians from ten bands and corps of drums march and play as one. The parade route extends from Buckingham Palace along The Mall to Whitehall Street and back again.  The Queen and her family attend the parade in a carriage. As the clock strikes eleven, the Royal Procession arrives and the Queen takes the Royal Salute. The parade begins with the Inspection, the Queen driving slowly down the ranks of all six Guards and then past the Household Cavalry. After the event, the Royal family gathers on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch a fly-past by the Royal Air Force.This year the Parade took place on 9 June. The queen rode in her carriage alone, as her husband, Duke of Edinburgh has now retired from official duties. However, she was supported by her children and grandchildren, who rode behind her on horseback and in carriages. The new member of the Royal family — Megan Markle made her first appearance at the event with her husband Prince Harry. The newlyweds took pride of place, riding behind the Queen during the parade. Unsurprisingly, all eyes were on Megan — the new Duchess of Sussex, who got a huge cheer as she and Harry rode past the crowds. Later all the members of the royal family, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte, joined the queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Military aircrafts soared brilliantly over the palace in small formations. The Royal Air Forces featured 28 aircrafts, including The Red Arrows, an acrobatic air team that decorated the London skyline with red, white and blue smoke.

  • A regiment- полк;
  • Sovereignправитель, монарх;
  • annuallyежегодно;
  • ranksряды;
  • corpsвойска;
  • Guards –Гвардия;
  • The Household Cavalry Гвардейская Кавалерия;
  • a fly-past –воздушный парад;
  • newlywedsмолодожены;
  • to soarвысоко лететь, парить.

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