Stonehenge is a unique prehistoric stone monument located on Salisbury Plain in the southwest of England and about 130 km of London. The construction is a group of very large, tall stones that are arranged into a large circle with a smaller circle inside. The largest stone weighs more than 40 tons; the other stones weigh 25 tones. Stonehenge was built in the late Neolithic period — around 5000 years ago (about 3000 BC). Читать далее STONEHENGE

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the enormous, impressive and beautiful buildings in the world. It is located in the heart of London, in Westminster. The Palace is an official residence of British monarchs (now – the Queen Elizabeth II). The building and extensive gardens are an important site of ceremonial and political affairs in the United Kingdom, as well as a major tourist attraction.  Designed and built by William Winde and John Fitch, the structure that became known as “Buckingham House” was completed around 1705. Читать далее Buckingham Palace

The British Museum

If you are interested in Human’s history, it’s worth visiting one fascinating place, which is called the British Museum. It is located in the centre of London, in Great Russell Street. It is London’s most popular tourist attraction — 6.5 million people visit the museum annually. Читать далее The British Museum

Собор Святого Павла

Собор Святого Павла является одним из самых известных зданий в Лондоне, ставшим символом надежды, стойкости и силы нации. И хотя нынешнему зданию чуть больше 300 лет, история древнего памятника во славу Божью началась 1700 лет назад.


Мифы и факты

Первоначальный храм на этом месте был основан в 604 году первым христианским королем Этелбертом I, правителем Кента. Уничтоженный пожаром, он был перестроен в 680 году. Второй собор разрушили викинги через Читать далее Собор Святого Павла

The Tower of London

Construction of the Tower of London was initiated in 1070 by William the Conqueror, shortly after his victory at Hastings in 1066. The Tower was built to enforce the power of the king over the newly conquered region.
The fortress, strategically located at the Thames, was originally not more than a temporary wooden building which was replaced later by the White Tower. Over time the complex was expanded into a stronghold with about 20 towers.


Today the Tower of London is best known for its Crown Jewels, but it used to be notorious for the many political opponents of the kings that were locked, tortured and killed in the Tower. The Tower was also a royal residence: several kings lived here, especially during turbulent times. Читать далее The Tower of London