Saint Nicolas Church

Saint Nicolas Church is an Orthodox church which is located in the ancient town Myra (modern Demre, Antalya Province, Turkey). This is the first temple which was built in honor to one of the important religious figures for Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics. In Russia, Greece and other Orthodox countries he is well-known as Nicolai Miracle Worker, in Roman Catholic countries he is famous as Father Christmas or Santa Clause. But how Christians’ Saint can be connected with the Turkish church? Читать далее Saint Nicolas Church

Antic Theatre in Myra

Myra was the capital of the ancient Empire Lycia. Lycia was a unique civilization on the territory of Asia Minor (modern province Antalya, Turkey). During the first millennium BC Lycia created its own culture, writing, architecture and specific traditions. The great country was famous for its beautiful and developed towns, great ports and ships, stone fortresses, temples and rock tombs. Читать далее Antic Theatre in Myra

The Lycian Rock Tombs

What do you know about Turkey? Everybody can answer that this country is  a paradise for millions of tourists. Of course, but it’s not the whole truth. Have you ever heard that Turkey takes the first place in the world in amounts of historical and architectural monuments (473 000). The great Trojan War took place in the west of the country near the town Chanakkale, where now you can see the wooden sculpture of the Trojan horse.  The region Anatolia was the motherland for such great people as: King Midas, Historian Herodotus, Saint Paul and Saint Nicolas. There are two world’s wonders in Turkey: the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus and the Mausoleum in the Mugla province.  Читать далее The Lycian Rock Tombs